Below is a general FAQ on NY Mens Soccer. It isn't exhaustive but will hopefully respond to the most common queries.

If there is a specific question you wish answered, please email NY Mens at nymenssoccer@gmail.com.

Regular League updates can be found on Facebook.

League Availability

NY Mens Soccer: MeetUps

Schedules for the Men's Divisions can be viewed by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Who Are We?
NY Mens Soccer was established in November 2012. The inaugural season in Williamsburg featured 12 teams competing for the title.

While the Williamsburg League runs year round, we also host Leagues in Manhattan and at Brooklyn Bridge Park across the year.

In addition to League Play, NY Mens also host Indoor and Outdoor Meetup groups on a regular basis.
Where Do We Play?
Outdoor play is featured primarily in Williamsburg with seasonal additions is Brooklyn Bridge Park, Chelsea, Midtown West and Randall's Island.

Exact field locations are confirmed at the opening of registration.
Restaurants, bars and businesses that would like to enter a team or become involved as a sponsor should get in touch at nymenssoccer@gmail.com.
General Registration Note
In order to register for an NY Mens League, you must be an NY Coed member and this means submitting a player profile here. Upon submission of a profile, you are added to the mailing list and will receive regular League notifications.

When signing into your profile, League availabilities can be viewed on the right-hand side of the page. In order to register, please click on the relevant link.

If you don't see a League listed, it means all slots have currently been assigned. Slots often become available as the season's start approaches, so it's worth checking the site on a regular basis.

Latest League Updates can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.
Registering as an Individual
Individuals are welcome to register. Players will form part of a "free agent" roster or be assigned to a team in need of additional players.

In the week prior to the opening game, players will receive the League Introductory email. This contains relevant information for the season ahead as well as the names and e-mail addresses of all on the roster. Players will then have the opportunity to communicate directly with their teammates.
Registering as a Small Group
Subject to availability, NY Mens makes the utmost effort to place friends on the same team.

When submitting your registration, please highlight your colleague's name in the section marked 'Special Instructions' of the payment section. You should also follow this up with a quick email to nymenssoccer@gmail.com confirming the request.

Please note that it is important to register promptly to ensure we can group everyone together. Individual slots cannot be held.
Registering as a Team: Captain's Note
Captains can register their team by making an Individual or a Team Payment. Upon the submission and processing of payment, Captains will then see a 'manage' button on their profile page. Clicking on the 'manage' button provides the Captain with a Captain's Invite.

When an Individual Payment is made, Captains will then be able to issue the Invite to their teammates. Players need to use this Invite to register and pay individually.

When a Team Payment is made, Captains will then be able to issue the Invite to their teammates. Players need to use the Invite to register though in this instance they won't be prompted to pay.

Payment of the Team Fee allows as many players as you wish on the official roster. The Team Fee must be made as a one-off payment at the time of registration.
Registering as a Team: Roster Requirements
Please register a team only if you are confident of having the required number of players.

For an 8 a-side League this means a minimum of 12 registered players while for 5-a-side League the roster should consist of a minimum of 8 registrants.

If you happen to fall short of 1 or 2 players, we can help by assigning free agents. We cannot, however, take on the responsibility for more players than that.

When roster requirements haven't been met, full refunds will be provided minus a small processing fee.
Details of MeetUps
NY Mens Indoor Meetups feature 5 a-side play with 3 teams rotating. Each game is 9 minutes long and we play a minimum of three round-robins. There are no substitutes and all players are expected to take turns in goals. For indoor games we use a weighted, low-bounce ball.

Outdoor Meetups generally feature 7 or 8 a-side play with one or two substitutes on each team. Games typically consist of two 45 minute halves with a short break in-between. Moulded cleats and turf shoes are appropriate for most NYC fields unless otherwise noted.

While we will have pinnies on site, we ask that you bring one BLACK and one WHITE t-shirt to all of our Meetup's.
League Query: Cost of a Season
Costs vary and are dependent upon the League you register for. Typically the Individual Fee ranges from $140-$150 with the Team Fee being $1,350 - $1,600. Submission of a Team Fee allows as many players as you wish on the official roster.

Costs are based upon each team playing a minimum of 8 games during the season.
League Query: Length of a Season
A season typically lasts 10-12 weeks which includes the play-offs.

With Outdoor Leagues there is always the possibility of weather-related postponements. These games will be re-arranged, thus extending the duration of the season.
League Query: Duration of Games
Length of Games vary and are dependent upon the League you are playing in. Typically the Brooklyn Outdoor League features two halves of 25 minutes as does our Randall's Island League. Indoor Leagues are 22-minute halves.

Details are confirmed at the opening of registration.
League Query: T-Shirts
NY Mens t-shirts are handed out to all participants at their opening game. We ask that players wear their official shirt each week.

If a team has a color preference, they should advise the League of their top three choices prior to the season's start. We'll ensure one of them is assigned.

Should a team wish to wear their own shirts, that's fine. We can still supply a set of NY Mens t-shirts to provide an alternate weekly option. If the team decides to wear their own set, please let us know in advance of the season's start in order we can assign colors to the rest of the League appropriately.
League Query: Referee and the Rules
NY Mens provides the referees, all of whom are officially registered with the appropriate US Soccer organizations.

General Rules for each League will be confirmed prior to the first game. In general, however, rules are per FIFA unless otherwise noted. We do not, for instance, use the offside rule for outdoor 7 or 8 a-side leagues.

If you have a specific question or query about a rule, please consult the NY Mens Field Representative and/or your Match Referee prior to the start of the game.

NY Mens has a zero tolerance policy for fighting. Players involved in a fight will be removed from the League and banned indefinitely. Ultimately, we ask players to remember that this is recreational soccer. Yes, you want to win. But if it's a win-at-all-costs mentality then perhaps you're better suited to another League.
League Query: Footwear and Shinguards
Outdoor fields are turf. The ideal footwear, therefore, is turf shoes although flat indoor shoes, sneakers and molded cleats are fine. No metal cleats.

Indoor fields are either the rubberized or the traditional hardwood gym floor. Flat indoor soccer shoes and sneakers are appropriate.

We strongly encourage the wearing of shinguards - and our referees and field reps will highlight this at game time. Ultimately it is at the discretion of the individual but it does seem foolish not to take this simple precaution.
League Query: Inclement Weather
If you're scheduled to play and are concerned about the weather, you can check the game status by viewing our Twitter, Facebook or by calling the Game Status Hotline at 347-534-6017.

NY Mens games will commence during most weather conditions: rain, wind, cold, sleet unless the pitch or general conditions are deemed to be unsafe.

In case of inclement weather such as thunder or lightning, we require players to vacate the pitch immediately! Our field representatives and referees will alert you when it is safe to return to the field.