What Is NY Coed Soccer School?

• NY Coed Soccer School is here to help adults develop the fundamentals of the game, taught within a relaxed environment by qualified instructors.

• Over the course of the sessions, we aim to improve your individual as well as your team game and have you ready for the soccer seasons ahead.

• Each class is one-hour long and the cost is $80 for 4 weekly sessions.

• Should you have any questions on the Soccer School, please contact our Head Coach Jason Racine at jrnycoedsoccer@gmail.com

SATURDAY CLASSES at East River Park Mini-Field on the Lower East Side

CLASS ONE: Passing and Receiving: 1pm-2pm on Saturdays May 7th, 14th, 21st and June 4th

• Week 1: Checking/Receiving: using the far leg and outside of the foot to receive, control and play 'disguised" passes.
• Week 2: Supporting Play and Playing the Way We Face
• Week 3: Balance & Receiving with the Far Foot to Protect the Ball
• Week 4: Possession Games and basics of Transition

Class One covers how to control and maintaining possession of the ball, while learning to play passes and move into positions of support.
To register for Class One, please click here.

CLASS TWO: Dribbling: 2:10pm-3:10pm on Saturdays May 7th, 14th, 21st and June 4th

• Week 1: Fundamentals of 1vs1: Long 1st Touch, Explosion and Attacking the Space In & Behind the Defender
• Week 2: Stop & Start, Balance and Control with the Ball
• Week 3: Two More Turning Moves: Pull-Back and Cruyff Turn
• Week 4: Inside/Outside Cut Backs and Chops

Class Two explores the fundamentals of attacking the defender while continuing to work on ball manipulation in a variety of settings. .
To register for Class Two, please click here.