What Is NY Coed Soccer School?

• NY Coed Soccer School is here to help adults develop the fundamentals of the game, taught within a relaxed environment by qualified instructors.

• Over the course of the sessions, we aim to improve your individual as well as your team game and have you ready for the soccer seasons ahead.

• Each class is one-hour long and the cost is $80 for 4 weekly sessions.

• Should you have any questions on the Soccer School, please contact our Head Coach Jason Racine at jrnycoedsoccer@gmail.com

MONDAY CLASS at Williamsburg Northside Lower School in Williamsburg 7pm-8pm on April 20th and 27th, May 4th and 11th

• Week 1: Trapping, Passing and Playing to Feet
• Week 2: Control w/various part of the body; Thigh, Head, Chest
• Week 3: Protecting and Playing the Ball
• Week 4: Defending, Dribbling and Turning w/the Ball

This class covers a variety of basic techniques to help build confidence on the ball

To register for the Monday Class, please click here.

SATURDAY CLASS ONE at East River Park Mini-Field on the LES 1pm-2pm on April 11th, 18th, 25th and May 2nd

• Week 1: Attacking 1v1: Speed Dribbling, Explosion and Attacking the Standing Leg
• Week 2: Attacking 1v1: Unbalancing the Defender and Attacking the Space in behind
• Week 3: Attacking 2v1: When to Pass and when to Dribble.
• Week 4: Attacking 3v2: Using Width and Switching Play

Class One covers the fundamentals of attacking. CLASS IS FULL.

SATURDAY CLASS TWO at East River Park Mini-Field on the LES 2pm-3pm on April 11th, 18th, 25th and May 2nd

• Week 1: Proper approach, distance and stance when pressuring the ball
• Week 2: Tackling: poke, block and slide
• Week 3: How, when and where to shepherd play
• Week 4: Pressure, cover and the very basics of defending as a team

Class Two covers the fundamentals of defending. CLASS IS FULL